Local Training Course Delft-Utrecht

The Local Training Course of AEGEE-Delft and AEGEE-Utrecht took place on the 4th of December. In this weekend just before Sinterklaas the participants learned how to how AEGEE-Europe work and what kind of activities are organised thoughout Europe. At the end of the afternoon there was a workshop brainstorming where different methods for improving your […]

Trip to Gent

Last weekend AEGEE-Delft went on another trip! After a short train ride, the beautiful city of Gent welcomed us. After a long walk on a cold winter night, we warmed ourselves in the cosy caf├ęs of Gent, of course while enjoying some Belgian beers. During the weekend we have learned a lot about Gent and […]

A night in London

Why? That is the question that people asked me every time I said that I was going to London for one night only. I still can’t believe that I did it, but I am glad that I got the chance. It was an amazing night! The moment I saw that you could get a return […]