After the tremendous success of the first Cowsino, the #DoeKoeCom invites you to the second Cowsino! On thursday evening the 28th of september, the Cowsino opens its doors at the Hangout for an oldfashioned night of poker, blackjack, various card games and an open bar with cocktails! Do you want to take home all the […]

Hitchhiking trip to Prague!

As a member of AEGEE and a student, you have certain principles. For example, when you have a long weekend, you want to take a trip but you don’t want to pay any money. Without needing complex mathematics, this results in an amazing hitchhiking weekend to Prague! 8 adventurous members travelled 920 kilometer in 1,5 […]

Partnership AEGEE-Delft and SHS Delft.

                  Twelve student associations each with the same goal: finding suitable housing for the long term. With the adage “Together we are stronger”, these associations are looking for suitable premises together. Hereby they aim for an integral solution. The TU Delft’s new vision for its campus has […]

Network Meeting Bamberg – We’ll be Royals

Thursday the 20th of April Rijk Hogenbirk and Lennart Vos travelled to Bamberg to visit the Network Meeting in Bamberg. When we arrived in Bamberg we enjoyed all Bavarian food that was provided for us. De next couple of days were all about evaluating, European bodies, human resources, teambuilding, best practices and socializing with others. […]

Hitchhiking trip to Budapest and Beograd

On sunday the 5th of February 8 teams started the hitchhiking trip of their lives! After two days of hitchhiking, and for some teams no sleep and too little food, all but one team arrived by Monday night in Budapest via city’s like Ljubljana, Zurich, Vienna and Prague. Not bad, because most of the teams […]

Lustrum Trip Kiev – Moscow – Saint Petersburg

During the Christmas break, AEGEE-Delft went on another trip. However, this was a trip unlike any other! For our 30th birthday this year, we went on a Lustrum trip to Kiev, Moscow and Saint Petersburg with two more stops along the way, Riga and Chernobyl. With 30 amazing AEGEE-members, we faced the cold (-21°C in […]

Local Training Course Delft-Utrecht

The Local Training Course of AEGEE-Delft and AEGEE-Utrecht took place on the 4th of December. In this weekend just before Sinterklaas the participants learned how to how AEGEE-Europe work and what kind of activities are organised thoughout Europe. At the end of the afternoon there was a workshop brainstorming where different methods for improving your […]

Trip to Gent

Last weekend AEGEE-Delft went on another trip! After a short train ride, the beautiful city of Gent welcomed us. After a long walk on a cold winter night, we warmed ourselves in the cosy cafés of Gent, of course while enjoying some Belgian beers. During the weekend we have learned a lot about Gent and […]

A night in London

Why? That is the question that people asked me every time I said that I was going to London for one night only. I still can’t believe that I did it, but I am glad that I got the chance. It was an amazing night! The moment I saw that you could get a return […]

(Nederlands) Bijbanenborrel

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