Long, long ago a group a ladies decided that in the cold, though, manly world of Delft you sometimes need some female support. Men don't understand anything of cocktails, high tea's and going to the bathroom together. Just as we don't understand anything of burping the alphabet, standing peeing, spitcompetition, or..... A few years ago, on a sunny day in May, we came together with tea and cookies to have a nice talk about what feminity is. The rest is history and the girlsclub is born!

We are not a big club with 7 girls, but we are close. With a butterfly in Eindhoven and another one in Pernis, we still find time to have lunch together, drink wine, cook and talk a lot. We also love (Halloween) parties, King's Night and Christmas dinners and there are always nice stories about our adventures ..

Of course we are here for all our sweet AEGEE-Delft members! So if you have an urgent question, need advice about feminine issues or personal situations? Mail us:!