Christmas market trip Cologne and Aachen

During the weekend of 30 November till 2 December 14 members of AEGEE-Delft went to the two German cities Aachen and Cologne, mainly to visit the Christmas markets there. It was quite rainy during our stay there, but that did not matter because at least the glühwein (specials) tasted too good to care about the rain. The two locals AEGEE-Cologne and AEGEE-Aachen showed their hospitality to the fullest during our stay, because we could get hosted by some of their members, which is of course very kind of them! Only in Cologne it could not be possible to get everyone hosted, some had to stay at a hostel for the night.

Our trip began with a long train ride to Cologne. After arriving and dropping off our baggage at our hosts/hostel, we went to a cocktail bar. Some of the hosts even drank a cocktail with us too!

We spend the next day mainly exploring the Christmas markets which Cologne had to offer. Which comes down to exploring the stands preferable while enjoying a warm mug of glühwein or a warm bratwurst. Two member of AEGEE-Cologne showed us around these Christmas markets, which was very kind of them. Later that afternoon we also took a visit to the magnificent cathedral of Cologne.

After that, we took the train and Flixbus to arrive at our next city to explore: Aachen. Our evening in Aachen had a slow start, because we could not find a bar to chill. After a while we did find a cosy bar where we enjoyed a few drinks combined with some cheerful banter. We ended the Saturday evening with dancing like there was no tomorrow! The following Sunday, we explored what Aachen had to offer. Even though Aachen is quite small compared to Cologne and has only 1 Christmas market, there was still a lot to see. After exploring Aachen, it was time to take the train back.

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