Hitchhiking trip to Budapest and Beograd

On Sunday the 5th of February 8 teams started the hitchhiking trip of their lives! After two days of hitchhiking, and for some teams no sleep and too little food, all but one team arrived by Monday night in Budapest via city’s like Ljubljana, Zurich, Vienna and Prague. Not bad, because most of the teams had never hitchhiked before. The days in Budapest were spent on an exciting visit to caves, relaxing in the bathhouse Széchenyi, city tours, a hike on the Gellert hill, the Vajdahunyad castle and socializing with AEGEE-Budapest. We enjoyed some typical Hungarian food and visited the unique ruin pubs like Szimpla. Late at night, club Instant was at crawling distance from the hostel for some last drinks and dancing. Halfway through the week we travelled on a very slow train to Beograd. Here we did a very interesting city tour and visited the Kalemegdan Fortress, Saint Sava Cathedral and the Historical Museum of Serbia. The Serbian cuisine is known for its delicious meat, which we enjoyed very much, as well as the Serbian drink called Rakija. We ended the week with a fun night of Kingscup together with some other travellers at our hostel. All in all it was an unforgettable week with a lot of travelling, culture, fun and delicious food.

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