Hitchhike trip to Prague!

As a member of AEGEE and a student, you have certain principles. For example, when you have a long weekend, you want to take a trip but you don't want to pay any money. Without needing complex mathematics, this results in an amazing hitchhiking weekend to Prague! 8 adventurous members travelled 920 kilometres in 1,5 day on average to get to the hostel. This hostel unfortunately had no swimming pool, private bathroom and garden kitchen, but was for the price we payed, pretty good.

On the first day in Prague, we did a long city tour of four hours during which we saw most of the city. After dinner we had planned to do a pub-crawl. But this was not any pub-crawl, it was the Mother of all pub-crawls where you had unlimited drinks for 1 hour, then visited 3 bars and ended the night in a club with five floors.

A little hung over, we started the next morning with breakfast in a restaurant where the waiters were just as sour as the fresh orange juice. After that we visited a toy store with a slide from the second to the first floor, a carousel and a huge Ironman statue. Not everyone wanted to play so half of the group went to see a synagogue. The rest of the day we didn't do too much and went to find the traditional soup-in-bread dish. We found a restaurant that served this amazing dish and on top of that the waiter brought us all kinds of free dishes. During the night we played a hilarious card game named "Mau" with one of the locals. It was an amazing hitchhiking trip!

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