Lustrum Trip Kiev - Moscow - Saint Petersburg

During the Christmas break, AEGEE-Delft went on another trip. However, this was a trip unlike any other! For our 30th birthday this year, we went on a Lustrum trip to Kiev, Moscow and Saint Petersburg with two more stops along the way, Riga and Chernobyl. With 30 amazing AEGEE-members, we faced the cold (-21°C in Saint Petersburg), we admired the countless golden domes, monuments and the culture of the three cities and afterwards we warmed ourselves again in many bars. From the deserted streets of Chernobyl to the Kremlin and the long, cold line to the Hermitage, in 12 days we’ve seen a lot of new things. We’ve also enjoyed the Vareniki and other Russian dishes. In Moscow we have celebrated New Year, not exactly on the Red Square but certainly right next to it with a view on the fireworks. We’ve had 12 amazing days!
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