Superb Spring Days

AEGEE-Delft is organizing the Superb Spring Days for all its members and non-members. From the 14th till the 27th of March we have organized an activity for you almost every day. Curious to see what we have planned for you? Check out the program below!

‘t Collectief

When was the last time you saw someone in a wedding gown putting slices of bread on a line, partied in between art installations and walked through a maze of new experiences? Oh that’s right! Probably at ‘t Collectief 2015! Excited about ‘t Collectief 2016? This year, we have selected an even larger range of […]

EPM-Leiden 2016

This weekend we went to the European Planning Meeting (EPM) in Leiden with 11 motivated members. The EPM is the largest thematic event organised within the AEGEE network. Around 350 young people from all over Europe gathered in Leiden from the 25th until the 29th of February 2016. Apart from the cultural exchange and the chance to explore a […]