AEGEE-Delft has eightteen committees, all of whom make their own contribution to our association. Each has its own area of expertise. The travelling committee organises trips, the cooking committee provides our members with a monthly themed dinner and the events committee organises fun parties and events. With all these committees, you never have to be bored! Below, you can see a list of all our committees.


AOWee - Organises activities to recruit new members during the OWEE

BataCom - Organises our participation in the Batavierenrace, the biggest relay race in the world

’t Collectief - Organises the biggest party of the year, 't Collectief

ComPASS - Takes care of the social drinks

COMMITT - Maintains the website and helps with all IT related issues

EuroCom - Makes members more aware of AEGEE-Europe and European activities

EventsCom - Organises fun parties and events

JaBoCom - Creates a yearbook

KOOKT - Proviedes a themed dinner once a month

LiftCom - Organises the hitchhiking competitions and trips

LustCom- Organises events around the lustrum of AEGEE-Delft

MolCom - Organises an epic "Wie-Is-De-Mol" trip

PromCom - Does promotion and design related jobs for AEGEE-Delft

ReisCom - Organises other trips

Summer University – Organises a Summer University

Tandem Delft - Project where you get matched to another person to learn each other's languages. This committee is a collaboration with Delft International Student Society (DISS).

WelCom - Organises and coordinates activities in the introduction period

WiSpoCom – Organises a skiing trip together with another AEGEE local

Naast commissies zijn er ook nog andere organen die de vereniging draaiende houden zoals board, KvC, RvA and safe persons.