AEGEE Locals

Picture of a group of AEGEEans in the mountains

AEGEE is a network of more than 150 'locals' spread over Europe in the broadest sense: from Azerbaijan to the Canary Islands, from the United Kingdom to deep in Russia. In the Netherlands you will find many locals too, with which we organise parties, member's weekends and exchanges regularly.

These are the current Dutch AEGEE locals:

  • AEGEE-Amsterdam
    AEGEE-Amsterdam has about 550 members and is the largest local of the AEGEE network.
  • AEGEE-Delft
    This is the most beautiful local of all, recognisable by the wonderful purple colour!
  • AEGEE-Eindhoven
    This is one of the three locals in Brabant, together with AEGEE-Tilburg and AEGEE-Leuven.
  • AEGEE-Enschede
    AEGEE-Enschede is the only local with an own society. They can be recognised by their orange colour.
  • AEGEE-Groningen
    This red local is famous for its epic Uithoeken party, where many AEGEEans party together each year!
  • AEGEE-Leiden
    Better known as AEGEE-Delft-North. We have many common activities with our green Northern neighbours, such as a karaoke night, gala party and of course the legendary Show Your Colour Party.
  • AEGEE-Nijmegen
    With this local on the Waal we usually run the Batavierenrace together, which always brings us fun social drinks, new connections and a first place on the AEGEE rankings!
  • AEGEE-Tilburg
    AEGEE-Tilburg is one of the three locals in Brabant, together with AEGEE-Tilburg and AEGEE-Leuven.
  • AEGEE-Utrecht
    With AEGEE-Utrecht we have good connections as well. We go on a ski/snowboarding trip together in February and we have our yearly Valentine's Dinner!

Besides the Dutch locals, we have special ties with a German local: AEGEE-Passau! That's because we are Twin Locals, which means that we have many extra exchanges and common activities. For example, they attend our annual Dies Christmas Dinner every time and we travel to the beautiful Passau often for Maidult and their legendary Boat Party on the Danube river.

Boat Party with AEGEE-Passau