Activity Calendar

Dinner and social drink

You can find us every Tuesday from 18:00 in the cellar bar of ‘Societëit Tyche’ at Oude Delft 123. We eat together at 19:00 on the upper floor, after which we go back to the cellar bar for a social drink that regularly evolves into a party! Read more about the social drink here.


Feel free to stop by for lunch at the office! On working days, members are welcome between 12:00 and 14:00 to enjoy unlimited grilled sandwiches for only €1 or for other special lunches!

Other activities

In addition to the social drinks and lunches we organise many other activities, like journeys, friday afternoon drinks, workshops and fun trips. Most activities are organised by one of our many committees. Do you have a great idea for an activity and you need financial support from the board? Take a look at the activity fund!

Signing up for activities

Have a look at the calendar below for an overview of all activities and their descriptions. Here you will also find the subscription forms for the activities in case you have to sign up beforehand. Click on the + on the bottom right to add the AEGEE calendar to your own calendar!