How can I register as a member of AEGEE-Delft?

You can become a member of AEGEE-Delft here.

How can I register for activities?

You can subscribe for activities through our members portal (als je niet ingelogd bent – kijk here). You don't have to subscribe for ALVs or other walk-in events. Send the board a message if you want more info about (registering for) an activity.

Can I participate in activities as a non-member?

You're welcome at our activities even if you aren't a member! Send a message to board@aegee-delft.nl. You are also welcome to the social drink, you don't have to register for that!

Where and when does the social drink take place?

Every Tuesday from 18:00 you're welcome to socialize at Outsite, Lange Geer 22. Dinner would also be server around that time. After dinner the social drink really starts and continues on until the late hours. You can find more info at the social drink page.

Can I come to social drinks as a non-member?

Even if you are not a member, you are always welcome to join our social drink! You do not have to register for this. More information about the drink can be found here

Where is the AEGEE-Delft office and when can I go here?

Het kantoor is te vinden op Kanaalweg 4, 2628 EB Delft. Op dinsdag, donderdag en vrijdag ben je tussen 12:30 en 14:00 altijd welkom! Tijdens de lunchpauze kun je onbeperkt tosti’s komen eten voor een zacht prijsje.

Where can I go with all my other questions?

Is your question not listed here? Send an email to board@aegee-delft.nl