Tandem Delft

Tandem Delft is a committee of both AEGEE-Delft and DISS. Our aim is to build bridges between international students and Dutch students. Therefore, we organise all sorts of free events, such as Dutch Speaking Nights and language workshops, both for international and Dutch students! We also have a Language Festival once a year where we organise a lot of free language related activities that are both fun and educational!

Tandem Delft also has a website! Do you want to increase you linguistic skills? Do you want to learn or teach a language? You can be matched to a person who speaks the language you want to learn. At weekly meetings you can practice with each other. It is a great way to learn and practice your language skills.

Tandem Delft has its own bookcase in the TU Delft library and in the living room of X! It contains books from many different languages. If you have any books to donate, you’re awesome! You can contact the board about that (board@aegee-delft.nl).