Tandem Delft

Do you want to increase you linguistic skills? Do you want to learn or teach a language? Join Tandem Delft!

You will be matched to a person who speaks the language you want to learn. At biweekly meetings you can practice with each other. You can do everything on your own pace. It is a great way to learn and practice your skills in a language you like. Whether you are new to a language or just want to maintain your skill, both are possible.

Tandem Delft has their own section in the TU-Delft library. It will contain books from all different languages. If you have any books to donate, you’re awesome! You can contact the board about that (board@aegee-delft.nl).

This project is an initiative of AEGEE-Delft and DISS (Delft International Student Society)

Tandem Delft currently consists of:

President: Sofie van Hemmen

Secretary: Rosalie Knot

Treasurer: Jeroen Roseboom

PR Responsible: Wietske de Boer

QQ’er: Marlijn Mulder