The WiSpoCom (short for WinterSportCommittee, we know, it doesn’t translate well from Dutch) is the youngest committee of AEGEE-Delft (since february 2019) and its goal is to organise an awesome skiing vacation every year! Because we’re going with a large group, the prices are a lot more bearable, and this also means that we’ll often go together with other AEGEE antennas! In 2020, we’ll collaborate with AEGEE-Utrecht! This way, you can easily find a group of people with a similar skill level, and you can get to know some people from other antennas!

So grab your winter cap, and your warmest scarf and underpants, because we’re going to the snow! The hot skiing instructors, steepest black pistes, kaiserschmarrn and apfelstrudel, beers on the piste and aprés-ski with Tiroler music are waiting for us!

Does this sound good? You can help us organise the next vacation, just send an email to wispocom@aegee-delft.nl!