Travelling and AEGEE are of course inextricably linked, and one of the great advantages of being a member is that you can participate in the many (cheap) trips that are organized throughout the year. The Reiscom organises trips that are not winter sports or hitchhiking trips. What kind of trips these are can be determined by the committee; a cultural trip to Istanbul, a road trip to Sweden or relaxing on a beach in Portugal, everything is possible. We also try to make as much use as possible of the exceptional network that AEGEE offers us in Europe by contacting other AEGEE locals in the cities where we want to go. For example, we can often be hosted, making the trip nice and cheap, and the "locals" can show us the best places in their hometown.

The ReisCom normally has five different functions; the president leads the committee and keeps an overview of the planning and tasks, the secretary deals with the minutes and correspondence with other locals or other parties inside and outside the association, the treasurer naturally deals with financial matters, and draws up the budget for each journey, the logistics commissioner deals with the logistical planning of the journey, and finally the PR commissioner arranges the promotion of the journey within the association.

As a member of the ReisCom you make an important contribution to the association, but you can also learn a lot from it yourself. Consider, for example, organisational, financial or communication skills.

Are you interested in the ReisCom or do you want to know more, send an email to!