Social Drink

The social drink is a central part of AEGEE-Delft and is the time to get to know the other members and to share stories. You can easily talk with any one of us and we are open for all students. Feel free to come by in the cellar bar of ‘Societëit Tyche’ at Oude Delft 123. You can find us there every Tuesday night from 18:00. We eat together at 18:30 on the upper floor, after which we go back to the cellar bar for a social drink that regularly evolves into a party!

Location social drink
Cellar bar @ Sociëteit Tyche
Oude Delft 123
When you are standing in front of the building, walk down the small stairs. Walk through the corridor; our social drink is behind large doors facing the stairs. You can recognise us by the colour purple!

The Tuesday dinner takes place on the upper floor between 18:30 and 19:30. Usually we go upstairs together at 18:30. If you see nobody in the cellar bar, then take the stairs up two floors. You will see the kitchen on your left. Once a month, the KOOKT prepares a special three-course theme dinner, which starts after 19:30. Subscribe for the dinners before 12:00 on Tuesday using the links in the activity calendar or you can eat with us as non-AEGEE member without subscribing.