Personal development

Every activity within AEGEE is organized by and for students. As a new member you can already join various of our diverse committees to gain organisational skills and develop your soft skills. More experienced members can lead committees or join larger committees like the social drink committee ComPASS, or the organisation of our yearly festival  ‘t Collectief, the OWee-programme or the introduction programme, or the working groups. A possible step further is joining the full-time board for a year or to assist the board in the Advisory Board.

In Europe, too, lie many possibilities within the network of AEGEE-Europe. You can join many training events, participate in workshops and other events to develop your skills. You can also become a trainer yourself or organise thematic workshops for other AEGEEans by joining one of the Interest Groups. Additionally you can hold positions in one of the many Commissions, Working Groups or even in the board of AEGEE-Europe (the Comité Directeur). AEGEE is an organisation where you can self-develop fantastically!