The social drink is a central part of AEGEE-Delft and is the time to get to know the other members and to share stories. You can easily talk with any one of us and we are open for all students. Feel free to come by in the cellar bar of ‘Societëit Tyche’ at Oude Delft 123. You can find us there every Tuesday night from 18:00. We eat together at 19:00 on the upper floor, after which we go back to the cellar bar for a social drink that regularly evolves into a party! Read more about the social drink here.

We organise many special lunches in our office and on campus. With these lunches you can recover from your lectures while enjoying a sandwich, smoothie, mocktail or pancake. During every lunch break members are welcome at the office for sandwiches!

Open office
Our office at Kanaalweg 4 is open for members. Come have a chat with the board, meet other members or work with your committee on fun events or projects!

There are activities every week where members can come together and have a good time. We offer many different activities: from fun trips and parties to cultural workshops and theme nights. Each year we organise multiple festivals, such as the music and culture festival 't Collectief, the Language Festival and a Eurovision Beer Festival with beers from all participating countries. We also offer activities like cycling nights, film nights, BBQs, a huge christmas dinner with up to 30 courses, karaoke nights, game nights and exchanges. Go to our activity page to view the calendar of events and to subscribe!