Become a member

Membership of AEGEE-Delft can be summed up in the following points

  • Only 39,50 euro per year
  • You can take part in all AEGEE-Delft activities
  • You can take part in all activities of other AEGEE-locals (such as Leiden, Utrecht, Amsterdam)
  • You can take part in European events from all AEGEE-Europe cities: Network Meetings, Workshops, IT/Public Relations/Human Resouces/Fundraising/… trainings,  General Members Assemblies of AEGEE-Europe (AGORA), …

Want to know more? Send an email to board@aegee-delft.nl or come to our weekly drink on Tuesdays in the basement of the DSB, Oude Delft 123, 2611 BE Delft.

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Termination of membership

The membership will be tacitly renewed till termination. A notice of termination of the membership may be given only effective from the end of a financial year (August 31st), given in writing (mail to board@aegee-delft.nl) and with due observance of a notice period of four weeks. In case the termination of the membership did not occur in time, the membership will continue till the next financial year.