Network Meeting

A Network Meeting is an event organised by a member of the Network Commission in cooperation with an AEGEE local. The event consists of discussions and training sessions about different topics connected to the work of AEGEE, and topics of interest for young Europeans. Every AEGEE member can join one of the up to 11 Network Meetings organised twice a year all over Europe. A Network Meeting is the place where new AEGEE members can learn about youth work from experienced AEGEE members. It offers the possibility for AEGEE members to discuss common problems and to develop collaborations for organising future events. It is also a great opportunity to meet old friends from the association. The program of the Network Meeting is designed by one of the Network Commissioners. During a Network Meeting, several types of activities are conducted: workshops on e.g. project management, public relations, fundraising, presentation skills, NGOs, the European level of AEGEE, making movies, presentations of past and upcoming projects in the Network, and discussions concerning current youth issues e.g. youth unemployment, students’ mobility, higher and non-formal education.

Below you will find an overview of the Autumn NWMs and RTCs of 2019. Follow the Network Commission on Facebook for updates on these events!