AEGEE is niet alleen in Delft: wij hebben meer dan 13000 leden in 161 zusterverenigingen verspreid over heel Europa, van Gran Canaria tot Moskou en van Yerevan tot Stockholm. AEGEE-Europe streeft naar een democratisch, divers en grenzeloos Europa. Via AEGEE kunnen jongeren een actieve rol in de Europese maatschappij spelen. AEGEE brengt Europa dichter bij jongeren en jongeren dichter bij elkaar, wat leidt tot wederzijds begrip en betere samenwerkingen. Natuurlijk is er ook veel ruimte voor ontspanning, uitwisselingen en feesten. Een van de grootste projecten van AEGEE is de Summer University: een uitwisseling in de zomer waarbij je twee weken lang met een groep van 30 geweldige AEGEEërs de tijd van je leven beleeft, georganiseerd op meer dan 70 plekken in Europa. Bij AEGEE ontmoet je de leukste mensen en maak je vrienden voor het leven.

Want to participate? View the list of upcoming AEGEE-Europe events here! We keep our members updated on future events via our newsletter. If you have questions, you can always come by at our office or our events, or you can send us an email via


  • Agora: the semi-annual members assembly of AEGEE where hundreds of members of locals from each corner of Europe come together to decide on the work of AEGEE-Europe and to elect and check those responsible for this work.
  • European Planning Meeting (EPM): a yearly event where the thematic yearly goals of AEGEE are drafted and during which workshops and discussions regarding a chosen topic are organised.
  • Network Meeting (NWM):11 semi-annual events during which members of (neighbouring) locals meet to have discussions and trainings and to work together on relevant topics for the work of AEGEE.
  • Regional Training Course (RTC): training events to develop your competencies.
  • Summer University (SU): georganiseerde zomerreizen met thema’s als (lokale) cultuur, taal of natuur samen met 30 andere Europeanen op meer dan 70 plekken in Europa.
  • New Year’s Events (NYE) en Winter University (WU): various events during the Christmas break at AEGEE locals throughout Europe.

The goal
AEGEE is the largest student association in Europe. AEGEE strives for a democratic, diverse and borderless Europe. As a socially and politically independent organisation, AEGEE is open to students from all disciplines and backgrounds. Since its foundation in Paris in 1985, AEGEE has grown to a network of 13000 students, present in 160 cities in 40 countries. Through activities, workshops and events we motivate students and youth in Europe to play an active role in society. In AEGEE you will meet and work together with many like-minded students and encounter many opportunities to learn and develop. AEGEE is also a representative organ to higher European bodies. AEGEE brings Europe closer to students and young people.

More information about AEGEE-Europe and the events can be found on the AEGEE-Europe website and Members Portal.