Activity Fund

activity fund

The board wants to support member initiatives! That's why we have an activity fund with in total €350 avaiable which members with a good plan may use, Do you want to organise a fun activity or carry out a fantastic plan, but you need financial support for this? Send your budget, a plan with a description of your activity and a motivation of why you need the money to There are two moments for submitting your plan:
  • For the 1st opportunity there is a budget of €200, the deadline is 3 November.
  • For the second opportunity the remaining budget of the Activity Fund will be available, the deadline is 16 February.
The plans will be assessed by the board. We will look at the overall beneft for AEGEE-Delft, how many members proft from the activity, contribution to the identity, cohesion, publicity, sustainability and/or development of AEGEE-Delft and its members. Committees and social clubs (disputen) can also apply for the fund; we do require the asked amount to account for less than half of the total budget of the activity.

How the fund has been spent will be presented during a GMA. In the case that the fun has not been spent in February the board will use the remaining money for activities which fit the above criteria.

We are excited to see your ideas!