Safe persons

The safe persons of AEGEE-Delft are there for you. If you are confronted with undesirable behavior or unequal treatment within or outside the association, you can go to a safe person. You can contact the safe person for everything you are dealing with.

The safe persons have several tasks, including offering a listening ear and support. Due to the obligation of confidentiality, what you share with a safe person will not be shared with the other safe persons, nor with the board or the RvA, unless you wish to do so. If intervention is required or desired, steps will be considered. A safe person can also help with handling the case, for example by filing charges together.

The safe persons also have a prevention task and therefore their focus areas are: discrimination, sexual harassment, aggression and violence, bullying, alcohol and drug use.

Are you bothered by something? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact information:
If you want to make an appointment with a safe person, you can do this via the e-mail address below:

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