European Planning Meeting

The European Planning Meeting (EPM) is an annual AEGEE event. During three to four days, 300 AEGEEans meet, in the academic year 2019-2020 in Barcelona during the February break. The first part of the EPM is thematic, during which you can follow interesting lectures, discussions and fun workshops. The second part is the drafting of the Action Agenda for the following year. In the Action Agenda, thematic goals of AEGEE for a year are set, based on the Focus Areas.

Besides all this, you will meet many AEGEEans from different parts of Europe, you will have the chance to explore the city hosting the event and there will be parties in the evening where you can meet all the participants of the EPM!

We will update this page as soon as there is more information on EPM Barcelona. Meanwhile you can look back on EPM Izmir 2019 here.

Focus Areas and Action Agenda
Focus Areas are themes that AEGEE will focus on for three years, determined at the Agora in the Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe. New aims and objectives for the Focus Areas are set during the EPM in a plan called the Action Agenda. Objectives can be achieved through the many activities that are organised in AEGEE. Locals can actively contribute to the goals by organising activities related to the Focus Areas.

Focus Areas 2017-2020:

  • Equal Rights
  • Civic Education
  • Youth Development
  • European Citizenship

EPM for newbies.