AEGEE is often seen as the travel association within Delft, but in reality it is much more than that. AEGEE-Delft is part of one of the largest student associations in Europe with a network of 161 cities in 40 different countries in Europe. This non-governmental, politically independent non-profit organization is a platform that gives a voice to students from all over Europe and strives for a Europe without borders. AEGEE organizes various (international) projects, often with the aim of promoting unity within Europe, social inclusiveness or political awareness.

The EuroCom, together with the board, handles all European affairs of AEGEE-Delft. This can involve preparing and drawing attention to an Agora (general meeting of members at European level) or European Planning Meeting (EPM), but also, for example, maintaining contact with other locals or organizing / participating in European events. Consider, for example, an exchange with another local.

Together with the board, EuroCom is the face of AEGEE-Delft towards the rest of the network. As a member of the committee you develop important communication skills and knowledge of the "bureaucratic system" of AEGEE at European level. It is also a unique opportunity to participate in, or perhaps even organize, events on a European level.

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