Travelling is our passion. AEGEE-Delft organises about eight trips per year. We travel in many ways: flying, on a road trip, cycling or hitchhiking. For instance, last year we had hitchhiking trips to Paris, Warsaw & Grodno (Belarus) and the Champagne region. In addition to the hitchhiking trips AEGEE-Delft also offers organised trips, such as a winter sports holiday together with another Dutch local or a trip to Moscow, Sint-Petersburg and Chernobyl. We also venture into nature, go camping or survivalling, like last year in Bosnia and Herzegovina. AEGEEans also often go on holiday or on a city trip together. AEGEE-Delft is a place for every type of traveller!

Because almost any city you want to visit in Europe has an AEGEE local, we are often met with a warm welcome. Local members often lead a city tour, host travellers and show us the best spots of town during the day and the night. Journeys with AEGEE therefore contain an extra dimension and dive deeper into the local culture than normal trips do. This way we discover new cultures, explore nature and make new friendships throughout Europe. Our journeys are also very cheap!

Haven’t had enough of travelling after your academic year? AEGEE is active during the summer as well! You can travel together with 30 other AEGEEans to more than 70 locations across Europe and have the time of your life during two amazing weeks! Click here for more!

Do you want to make more serious trips? Throughout the year there are many training events, thematic conferences and other European events.