The Agora is the members assembly of AEGEE-Europe. During four to five days about 700 students from the entire network will meet to discuss the state of affairs of the European network, participate in workshops and elect new members for the board or one of the many commissions and working groups of AEGEE-Europe. There will not only be discussions, but there are also fantastic thematic parties at night and you will have enough time to catch up with your European friends or to meet new ones. Every year there are two Agorae: The Spring Agora and the Autumn Agora. These will be Autumn Agora Salerno (Italy) and Spring Agora Yerevan (Armenia) in the academic year 2019-2020.

There are three different types of participants at the Agora: Delegates, Envoys and Visitors. Every local can send three delegates that have speaking- and voting rights. The rest of the participants from locals are visitors. Visitors do not have to be present at certain meetings and have more freedom to fill in their day. It is a good role if you are new to Agorae. Envoys are representatives of different bodies of AEGEE-Europe that have to be present, like members of Commissions or Working Groups.

In addition to the elections, statutory changes and motions there are many fun and interesting workshops and exchanges of best practices. If you are a visitor it is really helpful and fun to go to these trainings. You will learn new things that you can apply to your own local. In the evening there is a social programme where you get to know new AEGEEans at thematic parties or the European Night.

Agora for newbies.