The easiest way to contact the board is by sending an email:

For general matters:
Board “Radix” board@aegee-delft.nl
President, Marlijn Mulder president@aegee-delft.nl
Secretary, Robin Hurkmans secretary@aegee-delft.nl
Treasurer, Rick Donkers treasurer@aegee-delft.nl
External relations, Marlijn Mulder external@aegee-delft.nl
IT Committee committ@aegee-delft.nl
Fundraising Committee acquisitie@aegee-delft.nl


Bank account number
AEGEE-Delft in Delft
IBAN: NL83 RABO 0122 8938 75

Office (& Post Address)
Kanaalweg 4
2628 EB Delft The Netherlands
Office hours: Mon 12:30 – 17:00 and Tue-Fri 10:00-17:00

The Weekly social drink with dinner
Every Tuesday evening (not during holidays) AEGEE-Delft has the weekly dinner and social drink in ‘Sociëteit Tyche’, starting at 17:30. Address: Oude Delft 123, 2611 BE Delft