Did you know that together we have travelled the distance from Earth to the Moon, and still have kilometers left to walk around the Moon?

AEGEE-Delft is a student travel association that is also very active in Delft itself. Besides the hitchhiking trips, organised travels and exchanges there are also many activities in and around Delft, such as theme parties, social drinks, member’s weekends, game nights and an annual music and culture festival. AEGEE-Delft is a versatile association where community and travelling are central. In addition, AEGEE-Delft is a place where you can self-develop and gain experience you won’t gain while studying. AEGEE-Delft is an association with about 200 students who are adventurous, and eager to travel and to learn, who have broad interests and are looking for connections, broadening their horizons and a place to feel at home.

At AEGEE, nothing is mandatory and anything is possible. We value an open, connected and positive atmosphere. We have five central values:

Some facts about AEGEE-Delft:

  • AEGEE-Delft has 200 members
  • Er worden minstens 6 reizen per jaar georganiseerd, waarvan drie liftreizen
  • There is a dinner and social drink every Tuesday
  • We hebben 161 zusterverenigingen door heel Europa die we regelmatig bezoeken

During trips with AEGEE-Delft or at other events by AEGEE-Europe you will meet students from every corner of Europe. Last year we visited 14 cities, including Istanbul, Paris, Aachen, Cologne, Katowice, Krakow, Warsaw, Grodno, Izmir, Lyon, Marseille, Passau, Bucharest, and Reims! Every year we can join a spectacular weekend together with members of all Dutch AEGEE locals and during the summer you can travel cheaply with 30 other AEGEEans to more than 70 cities in Europe!