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Until when can I become a member?

Do you want to be introduced in a fun way in an intro group together with other new members? Then become a member before Friday the 28th of August! In an intro group of first year members and two experienced AEGEEans you will get to know each other and the association by doing fun challenges, meeting and playing games online, you'll walk a treasure hunt through Delft ...

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AEGEE-Delft in the online OWee

Get to know AEGEE-Delft during the online OWee! We are hosting a diverse programme where you will hear the greatest stories, get your questions answered and discover what we do in Delft and elsewhere.

AEGEE Human Rights Days 2019

Today is Human Rights Day 2019. 10 December marks the anniversary of the adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human Rights are unalienable and we should continue to stand up for Human Rights all around the world. This is why eight European Bodies of AEGEE / European Students’ Forum are working …

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Rabo ClubSupport

Rabobank ClubSupport

This year we are participating in Rabo ClubSupport! With Rabo ClubSupport, Rabobank invests in society by supporting clubs and associations. By voting on us, we can obtain a nice amount of money for AEGEE-Delft. The raised money will be used to organise an activity where the elderly and the young ...

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