Julian van Loo – Oud-Secretaris

Hi, I'm Julian, and this year I will be responsible for keeping up with thousands of emails to and from AEGEE-Delft. Next to this I do even more fun things like designing Christmas cards, keeping up with the social media and bringing this beautiful association a step forward together with three other amazing board members. I am already really enjoying the endless minute-taking, meeting many AEGEEans from around the network and organising awesome activities. I am full of ideas and I hope that I can fulfill some of the during, or after, this beautiful board year.

I have been walking around Delft and AEGEE-Delft for more than three years now. I have just finished my bachelor Nanobiology and after my board year I will start with my master's. Well, it is already starting to tingle inside, and I can't wait to dive into the beautiful world of nanobiology again. Maybe I will follow a subject still this year...

Within AEGEE I mainly love the hitchhiking journeys and I am also starting to discover my love for the rest of the network and the European level. Who knows where the coming years will bring me?

Feel free to approach me for any questions, crazy ideas or for no particular reason!