New Board 'Syzygie'

Bestuur Syzygie
XXXVIIth Board of AEGEE-Delft 'Syzygie'

Met trots presenteren wij ons 37e bestuur ‘Syzygie’, dat bestaat uit de volgende personen:

  • Lars van Roemburg: President and Fundraising Responsible
  • Julian van Loo: Secretary and External Promotion Responsible
  • Chris van Dijk: Treasurer and European Affairs Officer
  • Lynn Aasman: Internal Affairs Officer and Internal Promotion Responsible

Syzygie stands for togetherness, cohesion and unity. Together we strive for a close association with an open, positive and respectful atmosphere. As a board we stand close to our members and contribute to a pleasant atmosphere in the association. We want to give attention to gaining and keeping active, convivial and open-minded members. Our goal is that members feel connected to other members and the association itself, including our committees and social clubs. We also strive to have a strong connection to AEGEE-Europe. We view AEGEE-Delft as an association with space for personal development and creativity where we give attention to each other’s well-being and to sustainability. 

We are excited to start our year! This AEGEE year is going to be another great one, with many active and motivated members. The energy and creativity that is flowing through our association makes us even more enthusiastic about this board year. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at our social drink, on our trips, during our activities or at the office!

What does Syzygie mean?

  • A collinear configuration of celestial bodies;
  • The pairing of chromosomes during meiosis;
  • A union of opposites;
  • A close union.


~ Syzygie