The 2018-2019 season of AEGEE-Delft

It is now September, which means the new academic year, and thus also the new AEGEE year, has started! Let's look back at some of the highlights of last year.
In September we had a fantastic introduction period. The highlight of the introduction weeks was the introduction weekend, where about 50 new and older members spent a weekend in Brabant to get to know each other.
In October, we had a sunny hitchhiking trip to the city of lights and romance, Paris. We had fun with some members of AEGEE-Paris, and some participants found romance as well!
The highlight of November was the Crazy and Chaotic Christmas Cradle trip to Aachen and Cologne, organised by Board Radix.
Our yearly and grand Christmas dinner wrapped up 2018. The KOOKT had prepared a delicious ten-course dinner for many new and older members, alumni, members of AEGEE-Passau and other friends!
The Epic Estonia Expedition in January went to... Krakow and Katowice. Although Estonia was not reached, the expedition was still epic!
In February, we hitchhiked to Warsaw, which went wonderfully quickly. After meeting with AEGEE-Warsaw, curling in the national stadium and drinking a lot of Soplica, we continued our journey to Grodno in Belarus, where we had a sauna and pool party and we went clubbing with AEGEE-Grodno.
In maart losten wij het startschot voor het festivalseizoen met ons jaarlijks festival voor kunst, muziek en technologie: ’t Collectief! Deze editie had een brede line-up en vele gave ruimtes met ieder een ander thema, zoals een douchekaraoke waar iedereen zijn zangkunsten kon laten zien!
In April we had a relaxing Easter trip to Lyon and Marseille, including a boat trip through the centre of Lyon.
In May, we visited the beautiful country of France again, this time by hitchhiking to a lovely village in the Champagne region. We camped there, tasted delicious champagnes on top of a hill in the sun, and visited the beautiful city of Reims.
Lovely Passau was the scene of the yearly boat party of our Twin Local AEGEE-Passau in June. Every year we are invited for this amazing party on the Danube river!
July was the Summer University season. Members of AEGEE-Delft went to various locations in Europe, such as Kiev, Oviedo, Tblisi, Zaragoza and Zagreb!
In August we had a fantastic programme during the OWee, including the parade, a European Night, a shower karaoke, blacklight Bob Rossing and more!
Thanks to board Radix for making 2018-2019 an awesome year!