Open Call Committees!


As you may know, AEGEE-Delft has fun committees and working groups. These play an important role in AEGEE-Delft: they organise many activities, trips and events; they work on projects and make sure that AEGEE-Delft is a well-functioning and blossoming association. The committees and working groups consist of enthusiastic members, and you can be part of it!

Members have a lot of influence on what happens in and with AEGEE-Delft. Do you also want to contribute? There is always a committee or working group that suits you!

How do I join a committee or working group?

From Monday 23 September you can apply for the committees and working groups. You can do so by filling out the form at the committee interest drink or by sending an e-mail with your preferred committees and working groups. You can apply until Sunday 6 October.

Why participate in a committee?

Joining a committee or working group is the way to become active and to get more out of your AEGEE-Delft membership! While doing a committee or working group you will obtain a lot of experience and you will commit yourself to the association. For example, you will learn to work together with other members and acquire skills like leadership, planning or handling finances. It is also a lot of fun! You will get to know members that you otherwise might not get to know, you will build new friendships, you will work together to put together an awesome project or event or you will go on fun committee-trips.

AOWee: organises the programme of AEGEE-Delft during the OWee.
't Collectief: organises our yearly festival of art, music and technology: 't Collectief.
EuroCom: focuses on the presence of AEGEE-Delft in Europe.
EventsCom: organises parties and events, sometimes together with another local.
IntroCom: organises and coordinates the programme in the introduction weeks.
JaBoCom: creates the yearbook of AEGEE-Delft.
LiftCom: organises multiple hitchhiking trips per year.
ReisCom: organises multiple trips per year.
Summer University: organises a Summer University, possibly together with another local.
Tandem Delft: the language buddy-project of AEGEE-Delft and DISS.

Batavierenrace: puts together a team and trains for the Batavierenrace, often together with AEGEE-Nijmegen.
COMMITT: manages the digital facilities of AEGEE-Delft.
Fundraising: an advisory group with fundraising experience that helps committees and the board with fundraising.
KOOKT: prepares a delicious three-course theme dinner every month.
Strategic Plan: will put together a strategic plan together with the members.

Apply via this form or send an e-mail to!