Lustrum Trip Kiev – Moscow – Saint Petersburg

During the Christmas break, AEGEE-Delft went on another trip. However, this was a trip unlike any other! For our 30th birthday this year, we went on a Lustrum trip to Kiev, Moscow and Saint Petersburg with two more stops along the way, Riga and Chernobyl. With 30 amazing AEGEE-members, we faced the cold (-21°C in […]

Trip to Gent

Last weekend AEGEE-Delft went on another trip! After a short train ride, the beautiful city of Gent welcomed us. After a long walk on a cold winter night, we warmed ourselves in the cosy cafés of Gent, of course while enjoying some Belgian beers. During the weekend we have learned a lot about Gent and […]

A night in London

Why? That is the question that people asked me every time I said that I was going to London for one night only. I still can’t believe that I did it, but I am glad that I got the chance. It was an amazing night! The moment I saw that you could get a return […]

(Nederlands) Bijbanenborrel

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

Introduction weekend 2016

Last weekend, new and old members of AEGEE-Delft got together for our DEO, an introductionweekend in which we went camping and got to know each other better. After all the groups had arrived at the camping site via a treasure hunt, we had dinner together and spent the night around the camp fire. After a […]

Ideas Factory Léon

Last week I was in the sunny León for the Ideas Factory. There ideas for the Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe were produced and discussed. The Strategic Plan is the long term planning of AEGEE-Europe for the next three years. It consists out of Focus Areas and Organisational Improvements. Focus Areas are thematic goals that AEGEE […]

Introduction activity 08-09

Last thursday was the introduction activity for new members. The mentorgroups came to Delft in large numbers to defeat the challenges we prepared for them. The AEGEE-Delft song was received with lots of enthousiasm so from now on also the new members can sing along! We played some Dutch games like ‘adtwedstrijd’ and ‘kratje lopen’. […]

Board lunch 07-09

Last wednesday there was an extremely good ‘build your own toasted sandwich lunch’! With lots of enthousiasm everyone started building the best toasted sandwiches. From sandwiches that put your mouth on fire to sandwiches with cream on the outside so that there was only crust left. What was the best sandwich? The opinions are divided […]

Epic Wroclaw hitchhike adventure

Have you always wanted to discover the beautiful city of Wroclaw, but never had the opportunity? Or just want to discover an amazing city in Poland known for its special houses, world war 2 history and of course cheap beer? Our hitchhiking committee is organising an epic hitchhiking trip to Wroclaw during the extended ascension […]

Summer University

No plans for summer yet? In that case Summer University might just be the thing for you! Two weeks on vacation with and organised by a group of students throughout the whole of Europe! Monday april 18th we are organising an information evening at 20:00h. To check out all the Summer Universities this year, see […]