Leuven is life (November travel)

It was the end of November, the weatherman told us that it would be a dreadful weekend with a lot of rain. Of course we did not back down from our adventure! We went with a total of 23 lovely AEGEEans to the gorgeous city of Leuven. On friday we devided ourselves in two groups, one of the groups started a bit earlier because they didn’t have any lectures in the afternoon. They Sterted around 14:00 from Delft while the other group started at 17:30. The afternoon group already picked up a bag of flemish fries to taste the locals’ specialty. That night we ate at a great restaurant called “Tibetan Palace”. That night we went out for our first small pubcrawl were we visited at least “de Giraf” and “Barvista”, well-known amongst locals.

On saturday morning we had a city-tour scheduled with our friends from AEGEE-Leuven, we started the tour around 11:00. After the city tour most of us flocked to the cafĂ©’s for a nice hot chocolate to warm up after being outdoors in the cold for a couple of hours. In the afternoon we went to the Artois brewery in Leuven, a gigantic brewery which brews many types of beers. After the brewery tour we could taste one of their beers as well! After the brewery we fell into smaller groups who each went for a perfect place to have dinner. After the dinner we rejoined with each other and the people from AEGEE-Leuven to celebrate ou last evening in Leuven in the clubs.

On sunday there was no programme and most of us went home directly after checking out of the hostel, some of which went to Antwerp, which was on the way home and some of us wanted to see. In the end this was an awesomejourney which will stay in my memories for quite some time. I hope the next travel will have at least as much people!

[picture follows soon]

By Lars van Roemburg, freely translated to English by Jeroen Roseboom

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