January trip to Poland

Snowfights, parties in bathrobes and wódka with grass; the epic Estonia expedition, although not going to Estonia, was a big succes! Still hungover from new years eve we left the 1st of January for Poland with a small but really nice group. First we visited Katowice, an industrial city with a lot of history. 2 days later we moved on to see the beautiful snow covered city of Krakow. There we discovered a crazy hidden shotsbar which unfortunately ran out of bailey’s because of us. Besides all the fun and partying there was also time for more serious stuff; we visited Auschwitz the 4th day, which was a heavy but also a really teaching experience.  Furthermore we had a lot of fun and ‘gezelligheid’ with each other and all the great people we met. And we learned a lot about Polish food and culture. Maybe we didn’t make Estonia, but we made it epic! We hope you join us for our next ReisCom trip!