Introduction weekend 2016

Last weekend, new and old members of AEGEE-Delft got together for our DEO, an introductionweekend in which we went camping and got to know each other better. After all the groups had arrived at the camping site via a treasure hunt, we had dinner together and spent the night around the camp fire. After a few ours of sleep, we started the next day with some musical morning exercises, according to our traditions. The rest of the day, we played games, had an information session about AEGEE-Europe and played real life The Settlers of Catan. At night we barbecued and had a fresh hike in the moonlight, followed by a cosy camp fire session until sunrise. The next day we slept in, had breakfast and after some energizers, we cleared out the camp site and said goodbye after a fun weekend in which we’ve become one big group of friends. download-2


Ideas Factory Léon

Last week I was in the sunny León for the Ideas Factory. There ideas for the Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe were produced and discussed. The Strategic Plan is the long term planning of AEGEE-Europe for the next three years. It consists out of Focus Areas and Organisational Improvements. Focus Areas are thematic goals that AEGEE wants to achieve and the Organisational Improvements are improvements to AEGEE as an organisation. Out of these four days filled with discussions about what should be done with AEGEE and Europe seven proposals for Focus Areas and several proposals for Organisational Improvements emerged. You can find them on the AEGEE-forum, Besides the serious stuff some culture was also exchanged. The first night we had tapas in the fashion typical to León. With every drink you get a small dish for free, meaning that you can scrounge together an entire meal as the evening goes along. At the European Night Goldstrike and stroopwafels were exchanged for sangria and later in the club dance moves as well. Sadly I had to leave for the Netherlands the next morning where the weather luckily travelled with me. In this week I have had many interesting discussions and got to know AEGEE and AEGEEans even more!
Rijk Hogenbirk – Treasurer of Board ‘Perplex’


Introduction activity 08-09

Last thursday was the introduction activity for new members. The mentorgroups came to Delft in large numbers to defeat the challenges we prepared for them. The AEGEE-Delft song was received with lots of enthousiasm so from now on also the new members can sing along! We played some Dutch games like ‘adtwedstrijd’ and ‘kratje lopen’. But there could be only one winner that evening: ‘de paarstoffeldiertjes’! Afterwards we had some drinks in de Ruif!


Board lunch 07-09

Last wednesday there was an extremely good ‘build your own toasted sandwich lunch’! With lots of enthousiasm everyone started building the best toasted sandwiches. From sandwiches that put your mouth on fire to sandwiches with cream on the outside so that there was only crust left. What was the best sandwich? The opinions are divided about this… But there are rumours that the one with cheese, cream cheese and tomatoes was delicious!


(Nederlands) Op zoek naar een bijbaantje?

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OWee 2016

It’s almost that time of the year again: the OWee! Starting monday we will be organising a complete week of amazing activities to welcome the new students to our beautiful city Delft. Plus we will be very present in purple at the parade on sunday, so come and visit us.

The schedule of activities is below:


It’s the end of the summer..

Summer break is almost coming to an end, but we cannot be very sad.. Because next week we will be part of the OWEE! And we have not been idle as we organised an amazing two week summer university together with AEGEE-Amsterdam and AEGEE-Utrecht under the theme of sustainability. Over 25 students from all over Europe came to Delft after they visited Amsterdam and Utrecht. It was an experience we won’t ever forget. Thanks to all of you!

In our effort to be as sustainable as possible, we were supported by Albert Heijn Delft Choorstraat and Ekoplaza Delft by providing us food that would otherwise have been wasted. You made this Summer University possible, thank you!


Epic Wroclaw Hitchhike adventure

After a (couple) day(s) travelling along the German and Polish highways almost all groups arrived in Wroclaw safely last weekend! They spend a few days touring the city together with the great people of AEGEE-Wroclaw, escaped a room together and of course enjoyed some of the most amazing parts of the Polish culture (according to them at least): Soplica. A group picture of our travellers:









One of the groups decided that after a day of travelling Hannover was a good city as any to spend the long ascension weekend:









We are already looking forward to the next journey to Berlin!

New page to kickstart your career

Have you ever wondered how on earth you were going to find a job in today’s economy? Or an internship? Don’t despair any longer, AEGEE-Delft has formed a collaboration with Business Talent Network to create its very own career page. You can find it here. Unemployed office workers holding cardboard signs job hunting

Epic Wroclaw hitchhike adventure

Have you always wanted to discover the beautiful city of Wroclaw, but never had the opportunity? Or just want to discover an amazing city in Poland known for its special houses, world war 2 history and of course cheap beer? Our hitchhiking committee is organising an epic hitchhiking trip to Wroclaw during the extended ascension weekend! Subscribe hier in duo or alone (we will make sure you get a buddy appointed to you) and travel with us to the epic Wroclow.