Hitchhiking trip to Budapest and Beograd

On sunday the 5th of February 8 teams started the hitchhiking trip of their lives! After two days of hitchhiking, and for some teams no sleep and too little food, all but one team arrived by Monday night in Budapest via city’s like Ljubljana, Zurich, Vienna and Prague. Not bad, because most of the teams had never hitchhiked before. The days in Budapest were spent on an exciting visit to caves, relaxing in the bathhouse Széchenyi, city tours, a hike on the Gellert hill, the Vajdahunyad castle and socializing with AEGEE-Budapest. We enjoyed some typical Hungarian food and visited the unique ruin pubs like Szimpla. Late at night, club Instant was at crawling distance from the hostel for some last drinks and dancing. Halfway through the week we travelled on a very slow train to Beograd. Here we did a very interesting city tour and visited the Kalemegdan Fortress, Saint Sava Cathedral and the Historical Museum of Serbia. The Serbian cuisine is known for its delicious meat, which we enjoyed very much, as well as the Serbian drink called Rakija. We ended the week with a fun night of Kingscup together with some other travellers at our hostel. All in all it was an unforgettable week with a lot of travelling, culture, fun and delicious food.

Lustrum Trip Kiev – Moscow – Saint Petersburg

During the Christmas break, AEGEE-Delft went on another trip. However, this was a trip unlike any other! For our 30th birthday this year, we went on a Lustrum trip to Kiev, Moscow and Saint Petersburg with two more stops along the way, Riga and Chernobyl. With 30 amazing AEGEE-members, we faced the cold (-21°C in Saint Petersburg), we admired the countless golden domes, monuments and the culture of the three cities and afterwards we warmed ourselves again in many bars. From the deserted streets of Chernobyl to the Kremlin and the long, cold line to the Hermitage, in 12 days we’ve seen a lot of new things. We’ve also enjoyed the Vareniki and other Russian dishes. In Moscow we have celebrated New Year, not exactly on the Red Square but certainly right next to it with a view on the fireworks. We’ve had 12 amazing days!

Local Training Course Delft-Utrecht

The Local Training Course of AEGEE-Delft and AEGEE-Utrecht took place on the 4th of December. In this weekend just before Sinterklaas the participants learned how to how AEGEE-Europe work and what kind of activities are organised thoughout Europe.

At the end of the afternoon there was a workshop brainstorming where different methods for improving your creativity were tested. Some methods worked better than others.

Here some photos of the day:







Trip to Gent

Last weekend AEGEE-Delft went on another trip! After a short train ride, the beautiful city of Gent welcomed us. After a long walk on a cold winter night, we warmed ourselves in the cosy cafés of Gent, of course while enjoying some Belgian beers. During the weekend we have learned a lot about Gent and its history during a city tour and a visit to castle Gravensteen. For all the IO students there was a nice bonus: the beautiful Design Museum. It was an amazing trip!






A night in London

Why? That is the question that people asked me every time I said that I was going to London for one night only. I still can’t believe that I did it, but I am glad that I got the chance. It was an amazing night!

The moment I saw that you could get a return trip for €4,- to London I didn’t hesitate for a moment and bought the tickets, if in the end I would have decided to stay at home, I wouldn’t have missed the €4,-. Two hours later I had found some more people that wanted to join me: Naomi, Dion, Ruben and Robin.

One month later we got on the train to Eindhoven. Five hours later we were in the centre of London, at Liverpool Street Station. This is where our adventure really started! With lots of courage we started our city tour through London, with temperatures near the freezing point. Our guide and London specialist Dion (He has been to London three times already!) planned a trip for us along the highlights of the abandoned London: St. Pauls Cathedral, The Royal Opera House, Trafalgar Square, Chinatown, The Big Ben and of course along the Thames with beautiful views of The London Eye, The Spire, Tower Bridge, Millennium Bridge and lots of other bridges!

After three hours of walking and 11,5 km it was time to rest. Fortunately there is a picturesque establishment named the Polo Bar near Liverpool Street Station. With her opening times of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the endpoint of lots of night revellers in London. It was also the endpoint of two Brittish guys that kept us awake for the last hours in London when they heard what we were doing: “Wait, you’re doing what?!” “That’s focking brilliant.” This Englishman: “That guy is my Boss!” and Wels: “If someone is bothering you, just say fock off.” kept us awake with deep conversations about education, marine technology: “Selling boats, you’re going to be rich!”, Computer Science: “You should stop or end up in a call centre!”, succes (of which the definition according to this Englishman is not appropriate for this site), nationalities and lots of other subjects.

When it was 5.30 it was time to leave the Brittish guys alone and catch our train to the airport. The next couple of hours were a mix of falling asleep, answering questions about flying and airports and a constant miscommunication and long reaction times.

Half past one we arrived in Delft. In the past 19,5 hours we spent 6 of them in London, 5 in the train, 4 waiting at the airport, 2 hours flying, 1 hour in the bus and some lost moments. Maybe it seems crazy to travel this long to spent only 6 hours in London, but I am glad that I did.

– Gijs Nannenberg


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(Nederlands) Bijbanenborrel

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

Introduction weekend 2016

Last weekend, new and old members of AEGEE-Delft got together for our DEO, an introductionweekend in which we went camping and got to know each other better. After all the groups had arrived at the camping site via a treasure hunt, we had dinner together and spent the night around the camp fire. After a few ours of sleep, we started the next day with some musical morning exercises, according to our traditions. The rest of the day, we played games, had an information session about AEGEE-Europe and played real life The Settlers of Catan. At night we barbecued and had a fresh hike in the moonlight, followed by a cosy camp fire session until sunrise. The next day we slept in, had breakfast and after some energizers, we cleared out the camp site and said goodbye after a fun weekend in which we’ve become one big group of friends. download-2


Ideas Factory Léon

Last week I was in the sunny León for the Ideas Factory. There ideas for the Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe were produced and discussed. The Strategic Plan is the long term planning of AEGEE-Europe for the next three years. It consists out of Focus Areas and Organisational Improvements. Focus Areas are thematic goals that AEGEE wants to achieve and the Organisational Improvements are improvements to AEGEE as an organisation. Out of these four days filled with discussions about what should be done with AEGEE and Europe seven proposals for Focus Areas and several proposals for Organisational Improvements emerged. You can find them on the AEGEE-forum, http://www.zeus.aegee.org/forum/index.php. Besides the serious stuff some culture was also exchanged. The first night we had tapas in the fashion typical to León. With every drink you get a small dish for free, meaning that you can scrounge together an entire meal as the evening goes along. At the European Night Goldstrike and stroopwafels were exchanged for sangria and later in the club dance moves as well. Sadly I had to leave for the Netherlands the next morning where the weather luckily travelled with me. In this week I have had many interesting discussions and got to know AEGEE and AEGEEans even more!
Rijk Hogenbirk – Treasurer of Board ‘Perplex’


Introduction activity 08-09

Last thursday was the introduction activity for new members. The mentorgroups came to Delft in large numbers to defeat the challenges we prepared for them. The AEGEE-Delft song was received with lots of enthousiasm so from now on also the new members can sing along! We played some Dutch games like ‘adtwedstrijd’ and ‘kratje lopen’. But there could be only one winner that evening: ‘de paarstoffeldiertjes’! Afterwards we had some drinks in de Ruif!


Board lunch 07-09

Last wednesday there was an extremely good ‘build your own toasted sandwich lunch’! With lots of enthousiasm everyone started building the best toasted sandwiches. From sandwiches that put your mouth on fire to sandwiches with cream on the outside so that there was only crust left. What was the best sandwich? The opinions are divided about this… But there are rumours that the one with cheese, cream cheese and tomatoes was delicious!